Friday, September 19, 2014

Exciting news and previews!

 Exciting news!!
I've been asked to blog for the Medieval Fantasy
Fair and Hunt! The theme this round is Nordic myths and legends.
There is a ton of stuff, so you should definitely check it out.
It only runs from Sept 20- Sept 28, 2014, so go ASAP.

The picture above was taken on the fair's sim. The sim looks great.
Because you can't see my avatar's outfit all that well, I'll get in to the look in greater
detail later. I will say, though, that the bow and arrow I'm wearing are from
Southpaw (the same place that created my ears!) And both the
weapon and ears are found at the fair. The bow is
powered by A&D and comes with instructions. So it's not just a pretty decoration.

Moving on! 
At the fair, they are celebrating and featuring an up and coming artist by
the name of Svala Moragd├│ttir (jasmin.lavecchia). She
creates scenes for use on RP sims. The three featured scenes, (pics below!), are
totally exclusive to the fair and will not be found again after. So get
it while the getting is good.
For those of you that can't tell, this is a birthing scene.
It is fairly graphic, but really good work. Maybe not for use on PG sims.

Fight scene in front of burning tent. Yes, that woman is bloody,
and yes, that man is dead.

Slave cart. Enough said.
So, as you can tell, the scenes are worth the buy.

Last picture!!

Skin- Artimis- Glam Affair @ Uber
Hair- Serena- Wasabi Pills
Shape- my own
Hands-Elegant- SLink
Pose- Seductive 3- Bounce This
Bow & Arrow- Merry Rose- Southpaw @ Medieval Fantasy Fair
Ears- Naked Ears- Southpaw- @Medieval Fantasy Fair
All clothes- Degha Earth- Feyline Fashions @ Medieval Fantasy Fair

Stay tuned! I do have more to blog for this fair, but this was
all I could get in to one post! Happy shopping!


  1. Thank you !!
    Not only that you were incredible fast, the pictures you show are great.
    Eager to see more :)